CollectorMetric, created and loved by collectors.

I’ve been collecting toys for most of my life. To manage my diverse toy collection I experimented with various methods of categorization and organization like spreadsheets, inventory lists, files and folders, and even some expensive desktop applications. None of them provided the flexibility and ease of use that I needed to manage my collections so I developed my own. I’ve been using a simpler version of CollectorMetric for about five years.

In 2011, many of my collector friends became interested in the software I was using and so I decided to develop it further and make it usable online. After over a year of development, working with software developers and collectors all over the world, we built the CollectorMetric online software to share my passion for collecting and to give back to the collector community. I hope that you enjoy the CollectorMetric platform and please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you might have.

Paul Deardorff