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by Robert Raspp, Esq..

12 Credit Hours - $279
Last revised: 02/14/2017

Course content © Copyright 2013 - 2019 by Robert Raspp, Esq.. All rights reserved.

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Lawyers GuideHow to Take this Book Course

This QME course is a little different from our other offerings.  For this course, you must first purchase and review the book: The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation (2014) by Robert Rassp, Esq.  This book is available in Kindle format, e-reader, and print format.  Simply click on the linked title of the book and you will be taken to the appropriate Amazon page.  From there you can purchase the book in the format you desire. If you do not have a Kindle but would like to receive the book in digital format (e.g. for reading on another device) go to the Kindle app page here for information.  This course allows you to review valuable information about QME/AME evaluations (with extensive information about SB 863), have an excellent resource book for your library, and receive 12 QME CE credits for reviewing the materials. To complete the course, simply review the book materials, take the test and purchase your CE certificate.  As with all of our QME courses, this material is approved for ALL disciplines. 


Although written for attorneys, The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation is a valuable guide to anyone completing QME or AME evaluations in any discipline.  It provides valuable information about the medical-legal aspects of these evaluations and a unique look at how the workers' compensation system relies on the expert medical evaluator.  The information in this book will help the QME/AME produce solid evaluation reports that are compliant with the AMA Guides, ratable, and based on "substantial" medical evidence.   


Book Overview (From the Publisher)

Senate Bill 863 (SB 863) and Senate Bill 899 (SB 899) have taken the California workers' compensation industry by storm, revolutionizing the way permanent disability is determined along with changes in apportionment of disability. Now that the 5th Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment is the gold standard as the first step to determine permanent disability in California, the claims, legal, and judicial participants in the workers' compensation system need their own guidance on the use of the AMA Guides in these cases. The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation, by Robert G. Rassp, is the only practical guide to help you calculate and understand permanent disability ratings under SB 899 and the AMA Guides


Workers' compensation claims involving the AMA Guides will emerge that hinge on the proper use, misuse, or under-use of the Guides and on the causation of permanent disability under the apportionment statutes and developing case law. The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation will assist you in the proper use of the AMA Guides and thus enable you to determine whether a medical report constitutes substantial evidence. In addition, there are some observations about the AMA Guides that are intended to assist you in learning and understanding them and to help you formulate questions to doctors about them.






The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation is organized as follows:


Chapter 1 contains definitions of common terms and a list of acronyms along with explanatory material, as well as a list of common medical conditions by AMA Guides chapter.

Chapter 2 covers the effects of SB 899 and SB 863 reform legislation and the application of the AMA Guides to California workers' compensation cases. This chapter teaches you how to do a rating string under the 2005 PDRS and 2013 PDRS.

Chapter 3 is a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the AMA Guides and includes detailed references to the tables and figures in the Guides, a listing of FEC adjustments for each chapter of the Guides, and instructions for how to reach a pie chart for upper extremity impairments.

Chapter 4 contains examples of AMA compliant and non-AMA compliant medical reports.

Chapter 5 contains analysis and discussion of developing the record to establish accurate ratings under the AMA Guides.

Chapter 6 contains the SB 863 Checklist & Reference Guide, along with examples of how to determine permanent disability ratings using the AMA Guides and the 2005 and 2013 Permanent Disability Rating Schedules.

Chapter 7 contains summaries of cases and WCAB panel decisions relating to the AMA Guides, the 2005 PDRS, and apportionment, along with expert commentary.

Chapter 8 provides a framework for discovery in cases that involve the AMA Guides and covers medical-legal issues related to rebutting a strict impairment rating under the AMA Guides 5th edition.

Chapter 9 provides medical information every lawyer and judge should know about specific parts and regions of the body we commonly see in our cases.

Appendix A contains the 2005 PDRS, which is reprinted in full for your convenience.

Appendix C contains permanent disability money charts.

Detailed Index to help you quickly find what you need.



Product Details (Kindle or e-reader, Paperback)

File Size: 17783 KB

Print Length: 970 pages

Publisher: LexisNexis; 2014 edition (November 26, 2013)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 1.3 inches (paperback)

Language: English



Learning Objectives



Discuss the changes brought about by SB 863

Explain how to write an AMA compliant report

Discuss the adjustment for pain

Explain the Rolda analysis

Discuss the exception to the add-on exclusion for psychiatric injury (SB 863)



Author's Biography (From the Publisher)

Mr. Rassp has written eight editions of "Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation" since the original edition in 2006. The 2013 edition is available at or here on You can access Mr. Rassp's articles by Googling "The Rassp Report" that is on Lexis Nexis web site.


Mr. Rassp is a certified specialist in workers' compensation law in California and social security disability law and has practiced law for 33 years. Mr. Rassp also has a second career. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Friends Research Institute (FRI)in Baltimore Maryland. FRI is a non-profit medical research institute that specializes in addiction medicine research and other bio-medical and behavioral research protocols. Mr. Rassp has been associated with FRI since 1989. FRI has operations in Maryland and California.



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